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~*about you*~
name: Ozbourne
age: 25ish
likes: Fashion, arts and crafts, the Internet, tv, movies, reading, dreams, music
dislikes: Backstabbers, wristwatches, onions, mayonnaise, and the colour beige
hobbies: Fashion design, drawing, knitting, surfing the Net, reading, watching TV and movies, running
strong points: I'm independent, unique, and determined. I'm relatively intelligent. I have a good (albeit sarcastic) sense of humour. I'm rather spontaneous. I'm open to new experiences.
weak points: I can be insecure. I tend to brood when I'm upset. I've got a bad temper. I don't trust people easily. I tend not to open up to people about myself too easily. I'm prone to addiction.

colour: Green. All shades of green, especially a deep olive green. I also love purple and black.
smell: Coffee, licorice, jasmine, and pomegranate are my current favourites.
place: My bedroom. I have wonderfully strange and vivid dreams so I look forward to going to sleep at night.
book: The Harry Potter series.
movie: The Princess Bride
magazine: Vogue

~*antm related*~
fave contestant (out of all cycles): This is a hard one... I really liked AJ from Cycle 7, also loved the twins from Cycle 7.
fave cycle: I'd have to say Cycle 7, because it had some of my favourite photo shoots, really interesting contestants and interesting interactions. (I love it when there's tension in the house; makes things more interesting to watch when they're not doing a competition or a photo shoot!)
fave judge: Ooooh... Miss Jay, definitely. Great sense of humour and style, and definitely a one-of-a-kind personality.
fave photo shoot: I have several... from Cycle 7, the model stereotypes and the circus freaks were both awesome, also the Cycle 8 one where they killed each other. I also loved the 7 Deadly Sins one (why can't I think which cycle it was?).
who do you think you are most like? I really don't know, sorry!

~*anything else?*~

~*picture of you*~
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