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I wanna be on top!

~*about you*~
name: I answer to Mars on the internet, and sometimes not.
age: 23
likes: TV shows, TV shows and movies about ghosts and creepy stuff, reading, relaxing, hanging out on AIM. Japanese culture.
dislikes: Right now, school. Tourists, especially oblivious tourists. Because they stare stupidly at you and take up the whole sidewalk instead of, you know, moving. People when they're being stupid or narrow-minded, cold, being bored, being tired, having to get up early for class
hobbies: Anything arts and craftsy, cooking, and writing.
strong points: smart, generally patient and laid-back, quiet, good sense of humor even if it's a little bit weird
weak points: Hanging onto things too long, messiness, laziness, letting myself get depressed, a bad guilt complex (I feel bad about things I shouldn't, sometimes don't feel bad about things I should, and when I do feel bad I get really worked up over it)

colour: Yellow
smell: ooh, tie between fresh cut grass and cinnamon
place: um. Well, right now I'm really liking Philadelphia.
book: Well, series - George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire
movie: Sixth Sense, and/or Mark of Zorro
magazine: I don't read magazines very much...

~*antm related*~
fave contestant (out of all cycles):
Oh, I could go on without making a choice, but probably Kim (C5). Naima's my favorite winner and I think she's gorgeous, I also think Eva is gorgeous, and Danielle from C6 always made me laugh.
fave cycle: 4, because it had my three favorite photoshoots (zodiac, sins, the animals shoot)
fave judge: Nigel
fave photo shoot: The Zodiac shoot from S4
who do you think you are most like? I never really thought about it... not sure!

~*anything else?*~
I think the survey covered it, mostly. I'm in law school. I'm going to Japan next semester for a study abroad.

~*picture of you*~

fake artsy:
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