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i wanna be on top.

~*about you*~
name: frances, but i also answer to frankie or chumby.. =p
age: almost 16.
likes: chinese food, top model, sports, cowboys, and playing around on photoshop.
dislikes: capital letters, prejudice, crocs, and hot boys with bad personalities.
hobbies: playing tennis, watching scary movies, and writing.
strong points: i'm opinionated, moderately intelligent, and very much my own person.
weak points:i have pretty low self-confidence and i'm indecisive.

colour: green and pink.
smell: peppermint or fresh baked cookies.
place: new orleans.
book: franny and zooey by j.d. salinger.
movie: donnie darko, candy, and harold and kumar go to white castle.
magazine: cosmopolitan.

~*antm related*~
fave contestant (out of all cycles): christina [cycle 4], kim [cycle 5], and eva [cycle 3]
fave cycle: cycles 3 and 4 are tied for me.
fave judge: nigellll.
fave photo shoot: the wildboyz shot from cycle 5 and the dream job shoot from cycle 6.
who do you think you are most like? probably christina [cycle 4] or nicole [cycle 3]

~*anything else?*~
:] howdy.

~*picture of you*~


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