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I wanna be on top!


~*about you*~
name: Katy-Jo Scarlett <3
age: 18
likes: Gone With the Wind, classic films in general, Louis Vuitton, taking pictures, dressing up
dislikes: quiet/shy people, having no money, super cold weather
hobbies: colorguard, dancing, acting crazy, hanging out with my amazing friends!, basically just having fun!
strong points: i am very outgoing, very outspoken
weak points: i tend to just say what i think, which i think is a good thing, but sometimes it gets me in trouble and hurts people's feelings.

colour: pink!
smell: Escada pacific paradise perfume
place: hawaii
book: Gone With the Wind!
movie: Gone With the Wind!
magazine: cosmopolitan :)

~*antm related*~
fave contestant (out of all cycles): Lisa from Cycle 5 and Brittany from Cycle 4
fave cycle: Oh god...how can you choose?
fave judge: Nigel (just because he's so gorgeous) and Janice (because she's so well...Janice!)
fave photo shoot: Wonderbra from Cycle 4 or Seven Deadly Sins from Cycle 4
who do you think you are most like? Lisa or Brittany, either you love them or you hate them!

~*anything else?*~
Like I said, I'm very outgoing and I tend to speak my mind, if you have a problem with the truth, well I'm really not sorry. I live for the moment. "No day but today"!

~*picture of you*~

(me on the right...)

(me in black dress on right...)

(as of saturday i am a blonde...i just don't have very many pics with the new look!)

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