obscureSHOWTIME (obscureshowtime) wrote in antm_ratings,

i wanna be on toppppppp.

~*about you*~
name: Kelly
age: 17
likes: chinese food, rock music, comedy
dislikes: drama, disney franchises, wine
hobbies: writing, dancing, drawing, photography
strong points: being a good listener, teaching
weak points: accepting being wrong, procrastinating.

colour: purple
smell: patchouli
place: anywhere with my best friend
book: the twilight series
movie: i have so many
magazine: teen vogue, seventeen

~*antm related*~
fave contestant (out of all cycles): kim stolz
fave cycle: cycle 3
fave judge: nole' marin and janice dickenson
fave photo shoot: cycle 3 t-mobile shoot.
who do you think you are most like? i'm not sure. maybe a little kim, maybe a little lisa. idk.

~*anything else?*~

~*picture of you*~
{these are newer pictures.}

except this one. it's kinda old. inspired by a shoot in Cycle 7.

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