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I wanna be on top!

~*about you*~
name: noor
age: 18
likes: a lot of stuff
dislikes: just as many
hobbies: reading, writing, gaming, music, movies, martial arts (I have broad taste in all these. Hence, these also make up my likes.)
strong points: determined, loyal, independant, focused, strong-minded, creative, introspective
weak points: has trouble expressing true feelings, too aloof or sarcastic at times, stubborn

colour: twilight blue
smell: rainy days
place: lying down under a green leafy tree
book: Black Swan Green by David Mitchell
movie: Sweeney Todd
magazine: CosmoGirl for the moment

~*antm related*~
fave contestant (out of all cycles): Amanda from Cycle 3
fave cycle: Cycle 3
fave judge: Nigel Barker
fave photo shoot: Cycle 3's Nivea beauty shot
who do you think you are most like? A mash-up of Naima from Cycle 3 and Jade from Cycle 6

~*anything else?*~
I have a tendency to suppress my emotions and choose to vent through my writing. I don't have set ideals, likes or dislikes. I am usually quite mellow with infrequent bouts of energetic episodes. I am partial to things that are weird, strange, unique or whatever isn't considered mainstream.

~*picture of you*~
I rather not post any pictures, thanks. I stand at a meagre 5'0", average weight, below-chin length black hair which alternates between wavy and straight, coffee brown eyes, the typical features of an east Asian complete with golden-brown skin tone and flat nose.

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